Reaching boys and girls for Jesus since 1949!

Happy Day Club:
Happy Day Clubs are after school Bible clubs meeting once a week for one hour from October through the end of March. Happy Day Clubs are taught by teams of volunteers who are trained through CEM.

Each week children in Happy Day Club:

  • Are taught a Bible lesson
  • They hear a new chapter to an exciting missionary story
  • Sing songs
  • Learn a new Bible verse
  • And so much more!

Vacation Bible School:
CEM travels all over Elkhart and LaGrange counties to bring area churches the fun and excitement of Vacation Bible School! A team of trained summer missionaries come equipped for the full VBS experience with enthusiasm, training, and most importantly the Word of God. We bring the VBS you provide the kids! Each year is a new theme and adventure. Check back later to find out what we have in store for summer 2014!

the Mailbox Club:
The Mailbox club is a discipleship mail correspondence offering lessons beginning for children ages 4 all the way through adult lessons. To begin receiving the Mailbox Club lessons simply fill out the form on our website or call our office. We need your child's name, address and age or date of birth. This ministry is free for all!

Adults today can still remember the phone number 848-4848! Our Call-A-Story line is a fun way for your child to hear a quick song, story or devotional. Today we have 2 phone lines that play the same message. Call each day to hear a new song, story or devotional. 574-848-4848 or 574-831-2220!

Togo, West Africa:
Child Evangelism Ministries reaches beyond the boarders of Elkhart and LaGrange counties, we have a wonderful team of 3 men who teach Happy Day Club and Vacation Bible School in Togo, West Africa. We support Jacques, Ives and Guy with the supplies, equipment, lessons, and more as well as with monthly financial support.

Teacher Training:
All of our Happy Day Club teachers must complete teacher training before teaching a Happy Day Club in our schools. Our teacher training is also open to all who would like to attend. Teacher training dates will be posted on the calendar. We ask that you R.S.V.P. when planning to attend teacher training; seating is limited. 

Missionary Conferences and Invitations to share the ministry:
A great way to get the word out and share the ministry of Child Evangelism Ministries with others is through Missionary Conferences. We welcome invitations to share our ministry with your church, as well as with with children. Please note that Child Evangelism Ministries is intended for children ages 5-12. We ask that you provide personnel and preschool opportunities for those children under age 5.